Frequently Asked Questions

This document is not in a final state and will be modied to reflect changes in the Asset DAO.

  • FAQs About Assets
    • What assets are appropriate for Asset DAO

      Any physical asset that can be collected, evaluated and traded. Some examples are:

      • Artwork
      • Sports Collectibles
      • Stamp collections
      • Watches
      • Numismatic Coin Collections
      • Fine Wines
      • Fine Spirits
      • Antiques
      • Automobiles
      • etc.
    • Who can create an asset in Asset DAO

      At the start anyone will be able to register an asset. As the system matures we envision that the community will impose restrictions (probably by asset category). Provenance though must be evaluated by professionals.

    • Why should I register my asset on Asset DAO

      Ownership of an NFT is easy to prove, as is history of ownership. One of the most persuasive arguments for creating an NFT for a physical asset is the ability to monetize that asset through use as collateral or offering partial ownership. However all current solutions rely wholly on trust that the owner has possession of an asset and the physical asset is what the owner purports it to be.

      The Asset Authenticity Provenance Protocol, a decentralized system that uses an RFID Tag to tie a physical asset to an Non-Fungible Token and documents and enforces review of asset provenance, fair market value, ownership, and as needed, physical location.

    • Why should I have my asset authenticated / evaluated?

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    • Who can evaluate my asset

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  • Is there a token associated with Asset DAO?

    Yes the A2P2 token. The A2P2 token will be used to support governance of the Asset Authenticity Provenance Protocol.

    A fixed set of A2P2 tokens will minted and distributed / sold (how is yet to be determined) to the development team, early investors, and the public.

    Additionally we envision a stable coin (name is TBD). How this will work is still under discussion but we envision that coins will be minted / burned as assets are added / removed or gain / lose value.

  • Besides governance will

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  • FAQs About Governance
    • What is the A2P2 token?

      The Asset Authenticity Provenance Protocol Token or A2P2 provides a means

    • How will governance work?

      Holders of A2P2 tokens will be able to vote on modifications to governacne variables and to the Asset Authenticity Provenance Protocol.

      The Asset DAO governance processes will include input from the Asset DAO community to help ensure that governance decisions are made with full knowledge of the desires of the community.